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Car Update

And then the floor of my 9.5 year old car rusted through, after the stars had been telling me to get a new car a while in more subtle ways. Sure, I could have it fixed for $500, less if I did it myself. I don't have the time. Plus I'd just be waiting for the next thing to go wrong. The death knell has tolled.

Final candidates, in order of preference: Ford Focus electric, Ford Focus gasoline, Ford C-max hybrid, Ford C-max plug-in, Honda Insight.

Test drives for all of the above scheduled for tomorrow.

I'll have to change my default icon!



My car is nearly 10 years old. She'll have over 130,000 miles by her birthday. Compared to other cars I've had, that's not that old. This is the first car I've bought new though, and 10 years feels like forever.Shopping thoughtsCollapse )


Birth Stories

A friend is having a baby - she's due on Christmas Day - which has me thinking about birth and babies and all of that. I've already recommended Birthing from Within on the natural birth side, and she has already seen Ricky Lake's movie. But what about the other side, what if she needs a C-Section? I don't remember which book I read, something comprehensive and sensible I'm sure. Something that talks about how difficult recovery is, and how you should avoid a scheduled C-section if at all possible, and definitely before 38 weeks. I found this great personal story online, See Birth, and she does a great job of the emotional side.

The last month before my first child was born, I laid on the couch, reading birth stories online or in books. Over and over I’d read them, looking –somehow–for clues. Clues to “what went wrong” so I could fix it.

Tsk tsk, I’d think. Used pitocin and got an epidural. That’s a no-no. That’s part of the “cascade of interventions that leads to the OR.“

Got induced! I’d judge, shaking my head. That’s bad. That’s what The Man does to control birth. Better to let it come on its own time. Tsk tsk tsk.

After reading Birthing from Within I was her, judging other birth stories, looking for what the new mom did wrong, why she needed a C-section. When Adelle was born, though, there was that moment. The moment when they said she had to be born NOW. Push HARDER! She had the cord wrapped around her neck. Her heart rate was dropping. I hadn't been able to get an epidural, it could very well have been me in the elevator getting general anesthesia, waking up later to a new, hopefully healthy baby.

I think her personal story does a great job of getting that point across, that you can't plan for everything, that you can do everything "right" and things will not go the way you hoped.

I'm back!

Woo, just thought to look for an Android app. Yay, I can blog again!

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Adelle, all the time

She'll be 9 months old Friday. The next doc appointment isn't until the following Tuesday, and I'm really curious what her numbers will be. She feels huge, has been eating like crazy the last couple of weeks, and I think she has gained enough that I need to increase her Zantac dose again. She's still wearing 12 month clothes, but barely. I think I'll bust out the 18 months tops in a week our two.

Baby update

Growing, Oh God is she growing. Probably 17 pounds now, turning 5 months old on Tuesday, outgrowing her 6 month clothes already. We've started her on cereal, which she thinks is just the coolest thing because she's like the other kids at daycare. She's going to have huge problems with peer pressure in high school!


Adelle's Birth Story

We welcomed Adelle Kathleen to the world at 12:45am Friday, January 28th. She has a full head of brown hair, and weighed in at 6 lb 12oz, 19.5 inches long, with a head circumference of 33.5cm.

Read more...Collapse )

Less than a week to my due date!

She's due Wednesday, January 19th. Yesterday was my last day of working in the office. I'll be telecommuting next week until she makes her grand entrance. I'm betting she'll be late. I've been super geeky and looking up stats and averages, so if she is perfectly average she'll be 8 days late, 7 1/2 pounds, I'll have 15 hours of labor ending with 3 hours of pushing. She's already not average: we had an ultrasound just before Christmas because I was measuring "small for dates" and she was 5 pounds, 14 ounces at 36 weeks 1 day. That puts her at the 31st percentile, not 50th percentile. Really? I'm happy with that, because a 7 pound baby sounds like a way easier delivery than a 7 1/2 pound baby. At most they'll let me go 2 weeks past my due date before inducing. That translates to February 2nd. I'm feeling pretty good these days: minimal swelling, hips are only occasionally achy, and I get tired easily. If things stay like this, I'm more than happy to let her keep cooking at her own pace until she makes the call to come out. On the other hand, I have been losing weight lately - a pound a week across the last 2 weekly appointments. They say that's a sign my body is ready to move her along. Perhaps she'll be here before that average 8 day mark (January 27th)?


< 3 weeks to go

Wow, my baby is due in 18 days. Tomorrow we're installing the carseat bases (Scott's and my car). We have the changing table ready, a week worth of diapers, drawers of clean clothes, the crib is set up and her bed has been made. Our bag is packed for the hospital. I think that's everything.

And now we wait.

Detroit baby shower

Woo! Had our first baby shower this weekend. It was great to be back in the D, full of good food, good friends, and time with the family. Friday we hit Buddy's for the Detroit style pizza Scott as been craving. We hung out with Scott's parents and sister, Sean & Stacie and all 3 of their kids. It was our first chance to meet their youngest, Sarah. Saturday a similar group, but we swapped Scott's dad & sister for my parents, and added a couple of Scott's college friends and Dim Sum next to "Tipsy McStaggers Pub". Everyone wanted to be the new foursquare mayor of Tipsy's. Best name ever for a bar!

From there to the Franklin cider mill for donuts and hot cider with my folks, Scott's other sister, and his niece. The place was a zoo, but the band was good, the cider was good, and the Lord of the Gourd was there carving squash. Scott and I went back with my parents to their hotel to change for the shower and check out their nifty glass elevator.

The shower was wonderful, it was great to see everyone, and we got some amazing gifts. I have to admit, I was most psyched about the quilts. Patty made a very cute one with bunnies, and Isabel made FOUR smaller quilts that will be great for tummy time/the stroller/the carseat/etc. Scott and I found it a little exhausting to be the guests of honor and have to meet & greet/be in front of the group/mingle. There were only 32 guests, but that's more than double our wedding so we joked later that this was "penance" for not inviting these same people to our wedding.

Sunday Tom & Rosie hosted brunch, again in our honor, and they celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Aww! I didn't think anyone else would remember. We were there 4 hours, catching up with everyone. This was our first time seeing Scott's uncle Dan and aunt Wendy in years, it was great to catch up. Afterward we spent another hour with my folks just shooting the breeze, then a couple of hours with Scott's Dad & step-mom doing the same. Sunday night, back at Scott's mo & step-dad's we inventoried the loot from Saturday, packed what we could in our luggage, and managed to fit the rest in a medium box that will arrive on Thursday (a mere $16 in shipping).

Over the weekend we spilled the beans to the grandparents: they're in on the baby's name, but we're not sharing with the rest of the world in case we change our mind when we see her. Revealing the baby's name brought up the flipside: what to call the grandparents? Lois wants to be Mimi, Ken will probably just be Ken (or Grampa Ken), my mom would like to be Nana Kathy and dad Papa Pat, and I forgot to ask Tom & Rosie but I think they'll be Grampa and Gramma Rosie, just like they are to their older granddaughter.

Scott's mom visited a month and a half ago and lent us her med school stethoscope. We've found the baby's heartbeat exactly twice, and the rest of the time she has used it for target practice. She is going to be a kickboxing champion, I swear. Scott's mom said "Tell you what, when you're home I'll show you how to find the baby's back, and we'll listen to hear heart." Friday night she explained the process, found the back, and put on the stethoscope. 5 minutes later she still hadn't heard the heartbeat, just lots of kicking and punching. Seriously, kid knows her favorite target and loves to practice. Today after dropping off our package at the UPS store (Fedex must die) I walked back in the house and realized that WHOA, my belly is firm. I wondered momentarily if this was a Braxton-Hicks contraction, but my belly wasn't "as firm as your forehead" per the OB info packet. Nope, it was the baby, her back there for heartbeat listening. Scott ran for the stethoscope, I layed down, and... she rolled to kick the stethoscope. Laughing, I stood back up... and she rolled back to position. Scott tried listening while I stood up, but that wasn't working so Lois ordered me to the couch, we tried again with an expert's guidance... and miracle of miracles, she found the heartbeat! She got to listen for 30 seconds, then Scott got 15 and so did I. Lois took the earpieces back, but by then the baby had already started to roll, and she was kicking and punching the stethoscope by the time Ken came over.

We had a safe, uneventful trip back. I got a chance to catch up on FaceBook and post the usual inconsequential actions of my day. I've tallied up the baby outfits we have, between my earlier purchases and the generous gifts this weekend. Not quite a full wardrobe, but getting close.

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